Information about pests in New Zealand



  • Cockroaches are one of the adaptable pests known to man. Dark and moist places with easy access to food is there favorable environment to live and reproduce.
  • German cockroach species are the most common in New Zealand. 
  • 70-80% of this cockroach population is female and they can carry up to 30 eggs each. Also, they can have a life span of up to one year.
  • The kitchen, cavity, under refrigerators, pantries are the most common places for cockroach infestation. Cockroaches will eat anything that humans eat!
  • Cockroaches are not only an annoyance but they can also host bacterial and viral diseases.
Bees / Wasps


  • Wasps are social insects who form large colonies.
  • Worker Wasps are 12-15mm long, they feed on sweet substances such as fermenting fruit and people’s food and drinks.
  • They feed  with other insects and spiders which they catch and kill, or with bits of meat pet food bowls.
  • A bee / wasp nest population may contain several thousand wasps!


  • The majority of native spiders are not considered dangerous or a threat to health but some households suffer with the nuisance of house spiders, and because of common fear of arachnophobia, many require pest control.
  • White Tail spiders carry dangerous bacteria in their bite, so these are consider dangerous and need to be removed from any premises.