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Auckland Commercial Services Pest Control

Auckland Commercial Services (ACS) is a locally owned New Zealand pest control service operating out of Auckland. We provide professional pest control to a wide range of industries at competitive rates. Our goal is to provide exceptional timely service with integrity. 

Your property will receive full attention from ACS Operation Managers who make routine visits to sites. Your property will receive owner attention on site, for all applications. Our dedicated pest control technicians are experienced and all hold Approved Handlers Certificates for Urban Pest Management. 

We understand that each pest situation is different, which is why we aim to customize our pest control management solution to your specific site. When assessing your property, we will consider all potential factors including location, type of pest, and climate. We will ensure you receive a pest control management solution that works. 

All pest control methods are carried out with care for the environment, human safety, and non-target species in mind. For more information on our commitment to health and safety, please see our Workplace Health & Safety Policy Statement on our Info page. 

We strive to implement effective pest management plans that meet our quality standards—and yours. Give us a call! We’ll be there in 24 hours or less, guaranteed!

24/7 service
100% guarantee


ACS is a locally owned business run by a team of dedicated workers who are experts in their field. We will ensure that your property is treated with the respect and care it needs. We strive to provide you with the fastest, most customer-oriented service possible. What we specialise in:

Ants, fleas, carpet beetles, crawling insects (cockroaches, etc.) & stored product insects
Wasps, flies (including drain, fruit, cluster, and bluebottles), and moths
Birds, rats, and mice